Reconnecting with theatre in Brisbane: The Anywhere Theatre Festival.

May 8, 2013 § 1 Comment

The Anywhere Theatre Festival will run in Brisbane for ten exciting days. The festival’s mission is to brazenly strip away the traditional idea of going to the theatre and aims of reconnect audiences and communities with theatre, story telling and performance. Shows can be anywhere – a park, a backyard, a bedroom, boxing rings, a street, a train, even on twitter. Anywhere except a ‘traditional’ venue.

“Story telling began as something we did around camp fires and over time it has been ghettoized inside traditional theatre venues and the structures that go with them,”  writes Paul Osuch (Founder and Volunteer Artistic Director).

On an interesting side-note: we are most proud and excited to announce that Novel Lines Bookshop features as a set in the filmed segment of  multi-media performance The Nightingale & The Rose (below), which will run from Thu 9 – Sat 18 May at the Powerhouse Plaza.

The festival will showcase both interstate and international performances, local independent companies and many more besides; performing drama, comedy, dance, musical, circus and clowning.  This is an occasion for businesses and audiences to engage for the benefit of the community. Furthermore, performers are producing in a sustainable way, without being impeded by the barriers attached to traditional theatres.

As a community venture, the festival’s organisers have encouraged zealous followers of Brisbane theatre to e-mail photos taken of the performances for inclusion on the festival website (link below).  Members of the public are also able to apply to be performance reviewers.

nightingale-and-the-rose-jpg_258x329    belladiva

(The Nightingale & The Rose (left) presented by Jennifer Bismire, with Richard Grantham and Belinda McCulloch; and Aria Moderna (right) presented by Belladiva)

The festival will run from May 8th-19th, and feature both free and pay-to-view performances.

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