Paddington Antique Centre haunted?

January 18, 2012 § 3 Comments

Today I decided to follow a hot tip I received from a reputable source about the ghost that supposedly haunts the Paddington Antique Centre. The story goes that when the antique centre was still a movie theatre a female attendant was shot by her jealous husband, and now her ghost trawls through the antiques looking for bargains, shooting off looks of envy at any one with a pulse, and cursing her late husband for being a homicidal nutcase.

But, unfortunately this is all hearsay as I can’t find anything to substantiate this claim. Therefore either this story was a porky pie that has become folklore (among a very small group of people, possibly two), or the internet has failed me. Nevertheless I did find numerous other interesting ghosts stories about Brisbane whilst I was researching. Every suburb appears to have their own haunted being. In leafy tree lines streets of Bardon a blond man of ‘surfie’ appearance hangs out naked in a tree peering through windows, waiting for his girlfriend to return. This ghost seems to bring new meaning to au naturel. Police have failed to expose him. But jokes aside, this is just one of many tales told about our translucent friends from beyond the grave in Brisbane.

The Plough Inn at Southbank has its own ghost as well. Their ghost is a young woman, who was strangled in the 1920s when South Bank was a well-known hang out for sailors and prostitutes. Staff have been quoted as saying guest room 7, where she died, has a ‘cold and oppressive atmosphere’. Needless to say, this could simply be a case of suggestive thought. I remember when I was ten I went to Whepstead Manor at Wellington Point with my parents and their friends. Now this place is a real ghost haunt, there are supposedly not one but three ghosts residing there. Whilst I was playing upstairs with some other children, I was told that a girl was murdered in one of the rooms at the manor and now her ghost is seen to roam the halls. The children were actually wrong; the story is that the girl disappeared when she was fifteen and never returned. Inaccuracy to detail aside, for the rest of the day I couldn’t shake the eerie feeling. Later that night when I couldn’t sleep I watched The Sound of Music for the first time, and still to this day I get a creepy feeling when I think of the movie. The power of suggestion!

Whether these paranormal beings exist or not is not the point, the point is they make great stories. And there are probably thousands of other stories that never get told because people are too worried that they would be seen as a nut. Obviously the person who reported the naked man up a tree in Bardon had no such worries. If reading this has sparked your interest in the ghostly realm then maybe you should try one of the Brisbane ghost tours: Also, if anyone has any information on the Paddington Antique Centre ghost please let us know.


§ 3 Responses to Paddington Antique Centre haunted?

  • kay says:

    I thought this was an amusing article,written from a different perspective

  • Kopilalai says:

    I work at Paddington and when I wait for a bus at night near Paddington Antique Centre it doesn’t feel good. I am curious what has happened in Paddington. During the day, Paddington it is a lovely suburb but at night it seems the opposite.

  • Abbey says:

    I work in Paddington Antique Centre and have done so for a year and a half. I remember when I was first told about the murder and our ghostly tenant and how I went home to search for it on the Internet. Of course, I found nothing and have thought about looking through newspaper archives in the library but I wouldn’t know where to start as I’m not sure of the date. I felt like Googling it again today and am glad to have found that someone is interested in the topic.

    Apparently strange happenings have occurred in the centre before, but not since I’ve been there, though I do feel a little uneasy every so often when the main switchboard of lights goes off of a night and I have to go down the back to lockup.

    On another occasion someone came in and apparently refused to stay as they felt a presence.

    Whatever the case, there is definitely a lot of history associated with the centre. It’s a very cool place to work.

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