Brisbane Festival: Celebration of the Arts

August 25, 2011 § 1 Comment


 IT’S ESTIMATED THAT HALF A MILLION PEOPLE will squash themselves into the crowd along the riverbanks to watch the fireworks extravaganza on Saturday the 3rd of September. Perhaps the other three-quarters of the Brisbane population are more interested in the cultural aspects of the festival, perhaps they have issues about personal space, perhaps they have better things to do with their time than stand on the Victoria Bridge with the rest of their family from nine in the morning, separately taking drink and toilet breaks to hold the spot, or perhaps they just don’t care. Like myself, I am choosing to think that it is because they are more interested in the cultural aspects of the festival, as that in fact, is what the festival is about; promoting the local arts.

Nevertheless, please don’t get me wrong and consider me the Scrooge of River Fire pyrotechnics. I don’t want to be visited by the ghost of River Fire’s past in the form of Peter Beattie. I enjoy a good light and fire show as much as the next person. I am personally looking forward to the Liquid Interactive Light Scope, a digital art installation. The installation is a 30-meter long tunnel featuring over 500 LED screens that will completely cover both side walls of the tunnel displaying large-scale randomly generated graphical images, in which human interaction will change the graphics. And you know the best thing; it’s open 24 hours for the duration of the festival, so the human interaction will be limited to between you and the LED screens.  

There are lots of great shows, music, theatre and dance to embrace during the festival, and a lot of it is free too, and as everyone knows; free is always good. One such display of goodness includes the Bubble Effect on at the Courier-Mail Spiegeltent. The Bubble Effect melds acrobatic skill with installation art and spectacular lighting to create a magical experience for the audience and a stunning spectacle at night. What could be more impressive than a beautiful aerial performer inside a bubble? Well, other than two or more beautiful aerial performers in a bubble. On the music scene, there are several fantastic events held at Metro Arts during the festival, including Neon Mountain curated by Brisbane local Andrew Tuttle. Neon Mountain has thematic focus on beat based part music, with ‘psychedelic space’ techno, futuristic ‘Italo-disco’ and ‘computer-game’ stutter breaks blending for a Saturday night ‘springtime birds’n’bees blast’.

But there is much, much more; this is just a taster of the possibilities. There is something for everyone, even the most skeptical. The Brisbane Festival is on from the 3rd- 24th of September, and for a more comprehensive idea of what is happening, not just what I like the look of, check out the Brisbane Festival website:



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