2010: A Personal Best in Books (via Rash Elvis Chants)

January 27, 2011 § 2 Comments

I enjoyed reading this blog post today, so I have reposted it at the bottom of this blog entry.   I too have similar ambitions for 2011.  More blogging and definitely more reading. 

When my day is too easily filled with distractions, I really do need to make a conscious effort to spend time alone with my book.  I turn off the TV, unplug the iPod and get far,  far away from Facebook.  Reading has become habit to me. 

Too often I hear people saying they don’t have time to read.  And depending on your personality reading either can become an escape, an education, or a chore.  If you love reading but are finding your novel just another unfinished task on your ‘To Do’ list, try reading some short stories.   Currently I am reading Robert Drewe’s The Rip.   As I loved his book The Shark Net, it  has been a great chance to see what he is capable of presenting me in as little as seven pages.  After reading a short story I am often left contemplating what the author has given me, longer than the actual story took me to read. 

I also like to read short stories in between novels.  For example, after finishing Cormac McCarthy, The Road, his voice was so strong in my mind that when I started reading Yann Martel’s Beatrice and Virgil  , I did not take to the new authors voice, tone or setting immediately.  I probably needed to have a break before I picked up my next book, or I should have read a few short stories.  I liken it to eating sorbet between main courses to cleanse the palate. 

 Reading short stories on public transport or in a lunch break gives you all the benefits of a full length novel in less than 30 minutes.  Some short stories to get you started are Peter Carey’s  The Fat Man in History (1974).  The Art of The Story is an anthology of short stories from internationally acclaimed authors.  It includes tales by Margaret Atwood, Ann Beattie, T. C. Boyle, John Edgar Wideman, Amos Oz, Kazuo Ishiguro, Peter Hoeg, Vikram Chandra, Raymond Carver, and many others.  And of course, Roald Dahl is definitely the master of the twist and tale. 

An international anthology of short stories.

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2010: A Personal Best in Books I like the WordPress challenge to write one blog post a day, or a week.  This is my attempt at getting off to a good start, with a quick post wrapping up 2010 in books.  I had started off the year hoping to read 50 books, or at least surpassing my previous record of 40 books.  I passed the 40 book mark in September, breezed past the 50 book mark in O … Read More

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