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This bookplate contains Egyptian hieroglyphics spelling Ex-Libris vertically down each side.

Novel Lines Bookshop presents Bookplates specially designed by artist Kathy E. Lovejoy.  Limited prints.   Using only acid free paper and ink.  Available exclusively at Novel Lines Bookshop.

A bookplate is usually pasted into the inside front cover of a book to indicate its owner.  Often inscribed with ex-libris which is Latin for ‘from the library of’ .  Typically bookplates bear a name, motto, device, coat of arms, crest or any motif relating to the owner of the book. The earliest known bookplates are German from the 15th century.  Bookplates make beautiful presentation when giving a gift as you can pre-paste them in with the receiver’s name.  Very special indeed. 

Kathy E. Lovejoy uses Acid Free paper and ink to pen her charming designs.


Bookplates are sold individually for $5.50 each or $42.00 for packs of ten.

Beautiful for yourself or presented in the front of books as gifts. Use non-toxic glue to paste, wiping the area with a clean cloth in case of excess glue.

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